Jelly Recipes

Jelly Recipes

Jelly is a set dessert, often made with fruit juice or fruit, but that can be made with cream, alcohol or milk as desired. Jelly is often thought of as children's food, as it is often served up at children's parties with custard or ice cream, but nowadays, jelly is fast becoming a favourite of adults and children alike. We've got tons of jelly recipes below, including a few naughty adults-only alcohol jellies, as well as plenty of fruity jellies, including a blackberry jelly and an orange and chocolate jelly, and a couple of creamy jellies, including an almond jelly and a creamy apply jelly. Take a look below for more jelly inspiration.

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About Jelly:

You can make jelly in a couple of ways — you can use shop-bought jelly and jazz it up a bit with fruits or alcohol, you can use leaf gelatine (a general rule of thumb is to use 1 leaf of gelatine for 200ml liquid but this increases if you use alcohol), or you can use powdered gelatine, which is a lot stronger than leaf gelatine — 1 sachet of powdered gelatine will set around 600ml liquid.

If your jelly doesn't set as much as you might like it to, simply melt it down again over a low heat and add another soaked gelatine leaf. You could also just whiz the unset jelly in a blender and serve it as a jellied drink instead!

For layered jellies, you must make sure that every layer is completely set before adding the next layer. For jellies with fruit in, only add the fruit after the jellies are partially set so that the fruit doesn't all sink to the bottom.

For lots of fun jelly recipes, just take a look above.

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